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spin cycle brings a cookie to a crumble

i spoke to a man at the laundry mat this afternoon. the conversation began decent enough to keep me interested. he asked about my career. i responded. he asked about my biggest goal in life. i responded. and then he inquired about my cup size, at which point i accidentally spilled a cup of detergent on his shoes. he rolled his eyes and walked away. he told me to keep dreaming as he walked away.

magnificently nonchalant and unadulterated. his shoes scraped his heels on the tile floor one crystallized fragment after the other. keep dreaming. that remark has settled in my nerves all day. why is it that people dismiss ideas, thoughts, beliefs etc., when it's not in their benefit? so if i had answered your indecent question and kept your rattling pants inert, you would've supported my dreams and goals?

man or woman, these particular scenarios pose frequent in day-to-day trials where human beings interact with one another in today's society.

i don't see why, when we engage in similar dialogues like these, we can't just learn something from people. i lend my ears and prosper in the thought that i just might be inspired or gain some earthly information from this person. the beauty is that we don't know everything.

dismiss the arrogance and foster the empathy. today i learned that this man had a stick lodged up his groin and was in need for a sexual innuendo to loosen the friction. i fell short of deliverance. however, i feel like i helped him in some way. perhaps a dosage of reality to his indecent approach? hmm, i ponder. okay back to work, til next time...



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