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bumble. bumble.

it's a humbling experience when you cross paths with someone who strikes a chord progression in your rib cage. instead of harmonizing a response, you just sit awkwardly in the corner frightened at the mere fact that you're feeling something so incredibly vintage. there is a bumble bee in this room. it buzzes and its wings fight gravity as it circles your head. you are awake. you’re not dreaming. you’re in constant fear that if you chip the concrete off that chest, the light is going to be too potent for the average eye.

perhaps it’s these days that stream forward of which remind me how life never ceases to surprise me. my skin ages in a cobweb encompassing poor decisions i made in the past and dreams i long for. i never saw myself getting older. who pays attention to that shit when you’re five. it’s all about the kix cereal and catapulting granny smith apples inside a microwave oven for 2:34 secs… high heat all the way. i was such a rebel. where the fuck did i go wrong? i ponder this accent.

i believe i lost it when i finally realized that i am going to grow old alone. i had said it for years never actually believing it; assuming that something magical will happen when i get older. i got here and the only magic i see is how i manage to get up every morning and attempt then succeed in sipping my tea without losing any teeth. as humorous as it may be, these are the type of things that have me worried lately.

it’s the melody that keeps me breathing. this rad new tune has to be the quintessential phenomenon aspiring to be the show tune in my day-to-day ordeals. her voice adds honey to recent irritability. the bass sends chills down shaved arms that were burning like hell earlier this morning. frost burn sits under my fingernails. i tap them on the table and hope that i don’t pull anything. piano sequences cause the fingers to buzz around my head. the bumble left. clearly, he was intimidated by my stellar dance moves.

music keeps that shit away. as long as i have my sound, i have everything i need for now.



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