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i took a moment today and embarked on an event that could potentially lead to muscle dystrophy in another life.

i preferred the consequential risk percentage over sluggishly baking in the ultraviolet rays. i spun around in approximately 33.5 circles in the middle of the parking lot. a few issues society may have with this particular occurrence; one, well... a parking lot may not be the safest of environments to act like a five-year-old. two, the cut off is 7 for a normal human being. not only did i clearly multiply that by five and then some, i realized today that i was not a normal human being.

i felt eyes staring at me. i felt secret conversations within mobile machines. most importantly, i felt out of place. i have never felt in place, though at times, i take this for granted and move forward.

it's humbling once the sensation hits your cranium; much like a japanese beetle aimlessly flying in an out of traffic on the 405 and then... SPLAT. his last memory is your windshield. then to make matters worse, his insides spills into a rorschach test across the wiper dust collective. that's how i can illustrate through words the sensation. i'll work on the death motif, but i can't promise a fluffy metaphor.

focusing back to the traffic spin cycle. the clouds rotated in both clockwise and counterclockwise formations. it made me ponder if this is what mother nature saw when she created the world. i mean, i'm fully coherent in understanding that mama earth isn't indeed an actual or physical being, though if she was... if.... she was... i believe she would stand in the middle of a parking lot and go at it. sure, she'd get buck wild. she'd even have the power to cookie cut clouds and bake them all in one parchment paper sheet.

i miss talking to people. intelligent people with a deep sense of life. i find myself talking to inanimate objects nowadays. the conversations last for a measly two to five minutes. usually they don't have much to say. i don't blame them. the world around is such an ugly place. we took our mother and pumped her with pollution, turned her over and rubbed her back with the worse acne causation. call them pimples or heat bumps, people are ugly creatures. not all of them. many, though, many.

they're filled with greed, hate and selfish bullshit. once their frame reaches the maximum occupancy, all their shit comes out. then what happens? well their shit spreads and then baby shits begin to form. and so the cycle continues.

i don't know where this obsession of bodily fluid came from. don't ask me to redirect you through my weekly planner, because i highly doubt it's on line four.



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