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pistachio corners are not edible

you think it's all gonna work its way out. somewhere in the distant future there should be some glimmer of retribution. i'm getting sick out this constant cycle of disappointments; i told an acquaintance the other day that my life is synonymous to a baking session with a sumo wrestler.

i ask him for sugar and he gives me salt. i want a spatula and he hands me a knife. i reach for parchment paper and he slides the aluminum foil over a few centimeters toward me. i express my frustration to him and he sits on me, naturally the weight of his enormous frame doesn’t feel all that amazing. this, i introduce you, is my life. sacrifice so much of your life attempting to taste everything but a teaspoon of sugar which i hear helps the taste of that god awful western medication.

as much as i despise looking at things at a negative perspective, i’m beginning to believe that i am cursed.

i'm listening to music more than ever at this moment in my evolutionary progression. i was brought into this world as a lunatic and raised to be a blissful dragonfly. my wings never fit. so the lunatic crept through the exoskeleton. the lunatic tries to socialize within society and though it renders difficult, they refuse to run like lola. it is the only credible characteristic they have to push forward and i will continue to fight until the end. bring it on assholes. i'll be laughing when i own you soon.

no worries though, i’ll be sure to send you a christmas card.



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