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fortunate web cycles

people enjoy the company of one another.

we as human beings take much pride establishing acquaintances and always having someone on call. naturally, these connections are designed along the premise that you share certain thoughts, feelings, ideas, etc. they are everything you either want to be or all elements that encompass your existence. you enjoy that hence why you keep them in your life.

i struggle with this notion every day. i certainly do not disregard that there are many people in life who understand every inch of your idiosyncrasies and do not impose any judgments. however, they are few and far between. i argue that, though we have people in our lives, some have a hidden agenda. i feel as if there are only but a few individuals whole heartily want you to prevail and do well even though they may not be in that picture.

the test is as such: distance yourself just enough to see if that person let's you go or tumbles forward. if they are secure in your dynamic, they will allow you to sail through your goals an ambitions without any disruption in their behalf. if they only want to reap the benefits of your existence, they will follow your every turn because they do not want to lose you. they want you there beside them at all costs. a bountiful mixture of emotion and insecurity keep them from releasing their hold. this is problematic and the main consensus of this post.

there are a plethora of people who follow, but very few who lead. these leaders, by any standard, are not so simply defined. in defining a leader i lend my opinion to the essence of letting go; a release. a leader has the ability to let go of a thought, an idea, an emotion or even a person for the sake of empathy. certainly, an abstract idea or thought may not carry much weight compared to a human life... but i argue that every element i have discussed carries the exact same weight to the hundredth of an ounce. a human life is equitable to a thought or emotion. it takes a particular breed of human to be able to commit to this release. not many can say they can, for it is difficult task.

to let go of someone does not mean that you do no value their life, it actually means that you value their existence immensely that you are willing to free them of your hold. why keep someone from attaining their potential? despite the endless cobweb of networks, there are perhaps a few holes. those i have let go are now spinning their own webs adjacent to mine. it is beautiful to see them strive in their respective directions. the others are still wrapped in this web, still trying to figure out what the hell they want in life. they latch onto a preexisting web because they do not have their own.

i offer an alternative. while you figure your life out (which is necessary for any level of being) go on and begin your web cycle. it may not be grand and ornamented with structure, but it is a start for something magical. the hardest step is committing to this action. you do not need someone to help you. help yourself and take initiative. you will soon find that you can relate to others better and appreciate how they have spun.

a spider crawls up this monitor. true story. watch as he nears closer to his goal. wonderful.



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