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mineral infused motion responses

my oh my. have i managed to land a substantial mind fuck this evening.

energy at the moment is equivalent to decades at sea. humans require an incredible amount of attention. by this i lend understanding toward their inability to recognize the simplest notions. well, certainly i feel as if these are minuscule bits of obvious traits to have for survival.

mind. body. and soul. perhaps i am so in tune with this aspect of my existence and this just may be the root to my demise. i hate sounding like a pretentious lint roller. i am not god nor am i a saint rather a human searching for relevant connections. good people are hard to find. real people are 80ft beneath sea level. it's a good thing i'm a dope swimmer.

tea releases plumes of steam. my neck hurts. it always hurts. people keep telling me it must be because of my sleeping pose. my argument is rather palpable. i curled as a fetus and i now sleep like one. why would my body reject a fathomable approach? the pain comes from tension. tension from occurrences surrounding me.

there are three planets inside my left shoulder. i took it upon myself to name them. internet, i introduce the mind, body, and soul. yes, these are their names. they frequently engage in threesomes every week. inherently, one is bound to get jealous. usually it leans toward the body. she just keeps eating seaweed and miniature toast with fig jam. i desperately need one fat ass russian man to work on these knots. take his rounded soviet fingers and knead every last thread. i'll give him some jam, i promise. hopefully nsa isn't catching this. i mean no harm. i swear.

mental disturbance. the point for this post. i have been practicing this "no expectation" way of life for months now. i suppose i have since tweaked the master plan. i no longer venture in blind. people have ruined this for me. my naïve sense crumbled many years ago. stomped. tortured. stabbed. manipulated. etc. i must say, though, each time i prepare something, that inner child wants to believe that it will be different this time. we all know how this movie ends ::smiles:: exactly, just like a korean melodrama. someone dies. i died a little tonight. have no fear, tea saves my life on a daily basis.

there was a shooting star in the sky. double took. fireworks. anaheim celebrated as i drove home, alone.

watch how people receive my light, i say. tonight was a true lesson learned. it's fascinating how we are continually learning. i rented so much of my time and the receiver threw it under the table. it felt like an episodic malfunction. individuals place a veil when the connection process is introduced. it seems to me that they are terrified to see what they really are hence the dramatic disguise. it has to get humid in there i'd imagine. more importantly, what you see is what you get. distinct features are lost so you have to rely on their words. this only adds to the verbal vomit. where the hell are the real, genuine people? jesus. where is he? what would he do?

wisdom please come now. fast forward all the drama. let's have some wine instead. that's why those old geezers sport those grays. they know. oh, they know.

until next time.



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