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the wall

it's an awkward fusion before me at this moment in time. a dichotomy occurring between two individuals of which cannot be condensed into a simple metaphor. i, therefore, attempt to consider both perspectives and arrive at a conclusion.

where is one to place themselves when energies are catapulting in alternating directions? an individual meets another and the journey of understanding the differences begin. days turn into months and months then halt into slow motion within a matter of weeks.

it is here in this collection of weeks where my intuition is shouting over and beyond the crowd volume. the interaction is simple at first. no expectations. no hidden agenda. simple. nerves jitter and excitement of something new runs down a spine. this will continue until the pair establishes the comfort cubicle. although it may seem like the ultimate goal of a connection itself, it is not always considered to be a safe area. the test begins here. if the pair can overcome the comfort of everyday ordeals and familiarity, a future is born.

i am getting ahead of myself. let us analyze this comfort cubicle. different people have various levels within this area. i will narrow my focus on this individual's corner. my thoughts and perceptions are purely based on my own intuition. it could be incorrect and not relevant to the matter at hand, but there is that sliver of hope that i am spot on.

comfort. the individual is sitting cross-legged staring at a charcoal tainted wall. charcoal because it is the only element that can encompass both darkness with a soft undertone. the wall is constantly changing and enduring the metamorphosis of natural happenings. water colors, acrylics and even geometric stencils combine on top of each other in order to illustrate the countless cycles of movement. though the wall is stationary (by nature), the inner workings are constantly fluid. the wall is open for change and this allows it to continue the constructive process of getting taller. with every opening, there is a space for improvement and this wall accepts this notion.

so, the individual sits on the ground facing the wall. they watch it grow; manipulate obstacles so that it can transform these obstacles into masterpieces. a major obstacle could cause a massive blow to the top levels of the wall. the question now enters this thought; will the individual sit and watch these floors/levels demolish right before their eyes or will he/she rise above themselves and assist in the prevention of catastrophic damage? the answer lies in simplicity.

the individual lasted these months simply watching how this wall builds. this may be the first experience the individual has ever had with a wall so meticulously formed as it is. he/she sat, walked around and even placed their palm on the folds in order to feel the change. surprisingly enough, their touch has been one of many catalysts of the wall's growth. in specific, the top levels have changed their shape and shade. colors that never seemed attractive suddenly surface... all because of the individual existence in the wall's aura. as much as their existence positively aided in creating the top levels, it can also be the negative cause for its demolition.

how? it goes back to the simplicity of how it all began. the individual is prone to emotions or rather complex insecurities. these insecurities may just be the truth behind a subconscious decision to pull away. you see, this individual wants to build a wall just as ornamented as the one before their very eyes. it is the initial choice to begin the building process that keeps them from doing so because he/she has no clue as to where to begin. he/she fears that their model will keep building and cease to acknowledge their existence. this is the reasoning i have for the individual for pulling away. fear of the unknown keeps them from growing.

furthermore, surrendering can cause the wall to lose the top floors. he/she has an overwhelming power to demolish this architectural formation and i don’t think he/she realizes it yet.

the fact is that the collaborative wall is unable to remove histories. if it does, the foundation is crushed. it has grown to its height because of the many experiences it has laced within each layer. it appreciates the individual’s existence and continues to accept their imperfections. it all seems too perfect. in this comfort cubicle, the individual is safe from all of the other dangers life has in store. he/she is protected by the wall. the wall provides shelter if the individual is unsettled and the connection is so incredibly familiar now. it's too comfortable here for the individual because the individual feels unequipped in this area. he/she has no wall for himself/herself.

the wall and an individual. a metaphor between two people. one needs to rise to its potential and the other needs to communicate what their potential is. growth is the goal in mind and it will take much more than voyeuristic actions to reach it.



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