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Updated: May 26, 2020

latley, i've been getting bored with human beings. as insensitive as it may occur, it's a truth i cannot ignore. i suppose i'm seeking for a depth of mind unrealistic within today's modern society.

i've found myself tuning people out and then escaping to how the trees swing in a cylindrical formation, babies crying in winter, sugar crystals blocking the mint leaves in the ice tea i ordered from this waitress who seemed to have a pair of eyes only someone like me could appreciate or even when traffic halts to a stop as a homeless man crosses on a flashing orange palm.

the beginning interaction always has a similar running theme. we exchange quick conversation and then after say 20-30mins of inertia, i close my eyes and inhale. it's here when their dialogue trickles into the clouds. i'd be lying if i claimed that i was remotely interested in what they were saying.

there's just so much beauty in life and the content of social communication with others always leads to disappointment.

could it be that i am truly an introverted socialite? i enjoy coffee with people. i enjoy their company. i don't like to hear my own voice. i like their voice. perhaps their voice could trigger this existential high... and that's what i love about it. inspirations and novel ideas enter my peripheral view. i don't like using people for this notion, however i look at it as my utmost appreciation for their very existence because without them i would not be able to jot these odd on end thoughts.

so thank you.



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