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bestow me with your hue... anything but black for darkness is familiar

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

unbridled human connections are treasures. how one spends time with those who personify such connections marks a testament to how rotund your necessity is to look within yourself for clues. clues which were once computational hazards that elicited first generation synaptic vacancies. not to mention a lineage of self-doubt. generational trauma seems to be a hot topic these days. it's causing quite the discord amongst the kids of today.

i must say i caught the hook years ago. took an unwitnessed approach toward unlearning what culture conditioned. wasn't easy. still isn't. now in my thirties, i will say it may take another three decades to reverse all this shit.

bludgeoned by hypocrisy. lamenting deceits. cauterizing wounds with gentility.

helps when you share dialogue in communal spaces. lately, i have been arrested in socialized improvisation. ironic how an improvisational distraction quickly traverses into introspection. not every distraction is this elusive fairytale. with growth comes those who opt to deride your being just so they can get a hard on for their ego.

rather arresting to feel like your character has been framed. individuals are under some unlawful impression that you have walls. what they fail to recognize is that said "walls" are actually meshes. those who choose to be far from your base, see a solid wall. get close and there are holes. isn't that what skin is? pores of dimensional pockets loaded with potential for closeness albeit ignorance is degenerative.

generational trauma has a heavy hand in all of this. those who attack you are not alone, they have a lineage of shared fear. and we all know said apprehensions lie dormant in a world filled with sound and chaos until a person walks into your life and challenges every ounce of your being.

participate in a field of love. parcel emotions and ship them off into the wind. it just may end up being a fortuitous investment.



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