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Blogger, Filmmaker,

Gym bunny, Pun Fanatic


Oh goodness, I really hate talking about myself. So I’ll keep this brief, yeah? I write. I film. And I cook. I like awkward shit. I’m pretty awkward as it is. I think sloths should rule the world. We’d all learn to take it easy. Lemon meringue pie is not a pie. It is a lie told to children that must be stopped. Much of my art is based of breaking down social barriers.

I don't believe in society's version of love. It is a social construction developed by man. We can grab coffee and unpack that notion. 

A lot of you getting to know me is really in the blog themselves. In the lines, between the lines, etc. I've been told I have a pretty abstract way of writing. Fragments. Misplaced commas. I'm fully aware of this. Yes, I went to college.  I write how I think.  And I think in run-ons most times. Syntax and I get on pretty well. 

I'm also a screenwriter looking for some agency. If you know anyone who's ready for a challenge, drop me a line, yeah?

People watching is an obsession of mine. I think you folks are wonderful subjects. Thanks for coexisting in my life.  



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