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plastic jungle

here i am restless. again.

i have accounted for approximately 14.65 hours of sleep in the last three days. some say it isn't possible. i say fuck that. i slipped into a brief cycle of subconscious thoughts and dreamed that a woman in a confetti pipeline dress came into my room.

she placed her hands on my shoulders and told me to breathe. as soon as her fingers touched my skin, they popped a gun shot wound into my eardrum. cell by cell she disappeared. a nightmare this was. i jerked my kneecaps and awoke to a pool of drool-like substance. the letters j.k.l. stamped on my right cheek. this is becoming a continual scrabble competition between my mind and body. i'm slowly slipping in and out of attention spans throughout the center focus of my day.

side-note: i thought the drool would dry by the morning, but it just ended up staining my tablecloth. i am now completely convinced that my DNA does not belong to the human race.

see there i go again, thinking i could write an entire piece and one paragraph in, my eyelids fall in gravity. i'll continue this in the morning.



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