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audible transmissions into an abyss

i invented rhythm. surely i'm not asserting that i found this magnificent audible revelation overnight, but i am claiming that somewhere in a past life i had to have been a part of a soundful discovery. lately i have been walking to destinations. planting the soles of my feet into the cellular ground establishing a unique sense of photosynthesis. my fingerprints vibrate and nerve signals rupture at an electrifying rendition. at points i'm so involved with the music that i'm walking into people and other miscellaneous architectural portraits. my wall shatters. i must begin the process from raw cycle.

people are disappointing me.

it's riveting how you come across a potential connection with an individual and the damn association dissipates into the ozone layer as the world spins madly in a biased clockwise formation. folks are so good at throwing up a veil for an extended amount of time until they, themselves, forget who they are under it all. you would presume that after months, someone's inner being truly comes forward. it takes a particular breed of human to desensitize their own desires or other characteristics in promise that they will eventually receive futuristic monetary retribution.

on the contrary, you then have a field of people who stay true to themselves despite what any societal code of conduct states daily on a cereal box of multigrain wheat squares they so diligently pour over a bed of lactose each morning they awake from a peaceful slumber. finding these sorts of people is difficult. a deeper sense of self and an intricate desire to learn and grow is definitely an attribute flickering in air with dandelion flowers.

i'm dropping conversations and leaving them with dense dial tones. i refuse to expend my word count for hollow dialogue. some say it's cold or possibly a systematic trial and error process i will overcome. however, i don't completely see any problematic areas in this newly found perspective. the being must intrigue my cerebral membrane and capture my persistent curiosity. with this introduced, the connecting process can now begin. the art is keeping my mind intact and alert. i invest my time and aim to bring forward all the traits i have just mentioned. sure, i expect much considering the fact that i place myself in the same grading scale.

the further i progress in life, i integrate myself within various aspects regarding human and mindful strength. i focus on being a complete individual. i understand that this is a life long engagement. i'm ready.

on the back burner.

poliça's "lay your cards out" - channy leaneagh has brought a serene ripple into my life. i've been stuck on this band for the last few weeks... on repeat ::smiles:: the vulnerability she presents in the songs resonates with me and seemingly adds a sense of softness in my own actions.



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