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the hyphen

attachment. a notion i have worked through my entire life up to date. many have questioned this belief i have concerning this topic. i give them bits and pieces because i know they will not fully grasp the entirety of my perspective. why? well, it lends itself to the mere subjective nature of egos. a superficial balloon continues to perpetuate within this material world. when times get tough, people are forced to the sidelines. forced to sit on a miniature wooden stool and await the next contender. a boxing ring has one winner. you want to throw a swing, but fear that if the intention is returned, you might not be able to face those god awful bruises. the superficial world has no room for ugly. truth is rather a distasteful thing for people like this. reality leaves you purple and swollen so that you are reminded of that moment...over and over again. forecasting this fear, i attempt to give them a tap. a slight shove-- the bit, the piece. consider this, then, a continuation to that action. we live in an objective space. everything is objectified, despite the modern belief. individuals would like to believe that there are genuine moments shared between living entities. i will touch on this later in this analysis. attachment for people nowadays is quite easily condensed to a person, memory, experience, etc. each day that you forego your routine-bound regiment, you are interacting with objects. a pencil. a song. a cloud formation. objects that have and will remind you of those places, people, experiences. the channel in recollection tunes in once you make the association. so then, it begins with the object. i believe we can agree on this so far… how terrible a life is to be imprisoned by dense matter that has no real importance on your physical existence. by this i mean how your body functions in a purely physiological sense. these objects are mere reflections of your ego. yes, your ego; that psychological man-made manifestation comprised of illusions you create to combat reality. things make you feel a certain way or at least, lead you in that direction. you are bloated from all the objects in your space. so how do you cope? remedy the sensation with the fact that you have a true connection with someone. it has nothing to do with an objectified attachment, you say to yourself. let me now take this rare opportunity to reveal that this "true connection" began with objects... and this idea you have is yet another "object" in your mind. you caused this. no other person can be blamed here because you and your ego designed this maze. let us now explore how attachment works in the body. regardless of our contender in the animal kingdom, human, reptile, amphibian, etc.,-- we all operate the same way. the brain relies on the heart to supply an even blood flow and the heart relies on the lungs to oxygenate cells vital for this symbiotic relationship. without one or the other, the entire anatomical ecosystem will demolish. survival is a key term here. without that object, would you be able to survive? i argue that if you answered no, then of one your muscles seems to be in temporary (or inevitable) dystrophy. clearly cells are not oxygenated enough to ration any sense. all sarcastic notes placed aside, i highlight the obvious notion. without these objects you can and will survive. the only “objects" considered beneficial to your survival are those that exist within your body. and might i repeat the claim that these objects are parts of you that are not attached to one another by virtue of emotional attachment, rather by subsistence. i challenge those on the outside to review the components in your life. upon interacting with an object, seek the truth behind why you are attached to it. if it renders no effect to the overall well-being of your internal organs, make peace with it and walk away.

shocking it may be to finally witness how this boxing match ends. i believe we marked a draw tonight. no hyphen necessary. p.l.h,


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