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child of noise neutered for lustful seconds

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

there is a proclivity to extending beyond "self" for answers. issue is that all power is given to something or someone outside of self.

i see no issue reaching out, but i do see an issue with not returning to your core values. intellectual and soulful filtration is pertinent if we are going to raise the universal consciousness. it is our duty to raise our frequency. not just for you, but for all of us.

if we simply discard all forms of self-accountability and chalk it up to "let god/universe take care of it" without putting in the work, we are at fault. generational proxies recycling bullshit with no real progress albeit they believe their own admission to such grandiose soulful undertaking is, in fact, rooted in concerted efforts to be a better human.

granolas of the world, if it was just that easy.

part of the process is to reach an unbiased estimate. perfection is a conspiratorial falsehood patented by society. understand that you are flawed, and you will continue to be flawed as long as you live as a human in this world. in no way is this assertion assuming there is no hope… well, because there is.

buffer your emotions. rest the disquiet mind. and break up with your ego.

any action outside of the above will inherently impinge on any prospective growth. intangible essence in banal monotony. there exists hope when one learns to expand beyond learned behaviors. easier said than done. the energy you exude can surface life lessons that just may be positively evocative

enough to keep you on your path toward mental and emotional evolvement. which events are preparatory to others? an answer i don't believe has an answer; the magnanimity of space and time are far too advanced for our brains to fully comprehend.

hence why we focus on the "now."

i must admit that i have the utmost adoration for beings with a relentless amount of humility. rare, but they do exist. they seat themselves at the table. unfold the napkin with ease. and when presented with foreign cutlery, they have no qualms in asking for help. if we're all going to share meals with one another, we need to find it in our hearts to be patient with one another. and accept that everyone is on varying stages in their development.

the ponderings continue. time for well deserved post-vaccine shut eye. goodnight all.



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