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trodden to become three dimensional with multiple loci unless you change the rug

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

so many of us are slaves to emotion. struggle to disengage from repetition. i recognize it to be humans' ultimate downfall.

ego does this. ego coupled with insecurities. not to mention a spoonful of expired nectar society has fed us since birth. now in no way am i asserting emotions are ill phrased. the inability to discern the emotion(s) itself is what is truly disconcerting.

there is very little pause when one acts solely on emotion. parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems continually at odds with one another. fight or flight. how exhausting is this? i'd imagine it takes a toll... physically and spiritually.

i've been told that there are instances when there is no time for pause. one must simply act with a sense of urgency. i offer a healthy debate.

first, i ask what is time? a temporal construction made by man. for the universe does not work off time as it does with energy. therefore to assert that one has no time, sounds more like one absconding from their moralistic duty to be a better human.

then, i ask if one took more pauses leading up to that defining moment in action, would they be better equipped in handling that issue? training our threshold is key here. the mind is such a powerful tool, especially when in unison with the effervescent heart.

i also don't think emotions come strictly from the heart; i believe it's a team effort with the mind and the heart. a virtuosic love affair concerning love and everything in between.

wild the times we live in. wild.



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